True Martial Artists don’t think of only using their skills in physical confrontation. They use their training to overcome obstacles and become better people.

The Level 3 Martial Arts Performance name was inspired by the three levels students will rise through during their martial arts journey - beginner, intermediate, and Black Belt! Each level contains a specific curriculum relative to the skills and experience you gain as you rise through the ranks. Separating the journey to Black Belt in three easily visible stages motivates our students  by helping them realize how far they've come and what they're working to achieve next! Having a goal with reminders of what you've already accomplished is encouraging and motivating for all students.

The L3MAP training system comes to you through a combined 50+ years of wisdom and experience through fresh and energetic martial arts fitness classes taught by instructors who've devoted their lives to helping others improve their own. Our program is for the men, women, teens, and children of Moorpark and Thousand Oaks who have a variety of goals and interests, but who ultimately want to rise to a new level of personal performance. We've trained people with physical conditions that most would consider obstacles in life. Because our Kempo-Karate Jiu-Jistsu martial art style is so versatile and adaptable we can offer its benefits to just about everyone. Our training method and style combined is perfect for anyone seeking:

    •    practical self-defense skills

    •    classical martial arts philosophy and technique

    •    physical fitness and stress relief

    •    academic improvement

    •    focus and concentration

    •    confidence and self-esteem

    •    respect and self-control

    •   improved sleep and more vitality

    •    positive attitude and socialization

    •    a champion mindset willing to face new challenges

    •    a fun new social activity!


WE RISE TOGETHER: From your first class you'll discover several reasons our program operates on a higher level. First, the LEVEL 3 student and instructor family is strong. Our students display a champion level "can do" attitude, mutual respect, positive social energy, and work-ethic when training that creates our friendly and energetic atmosphere - great people attract great people. Weekly, our instructors strive to improve their own skill, further understand our martial art, and create new and innovative approaches to ensure your training is consistently fulfilling. To ensure our instructing team is at our best each year we "re-certify" our ranks in addition to learning important skills like CPR and First-Aid. 

OUR STUDIO ENVIRONMENTS ARE SAFE, CLEAN, & FRIENDLY: Second, our studio environments are clean, private, safe, and offer convenient training times that can fit most any schedule. Parents, you'll notice that both our Moorpark and Thousand Oaks studio layouts are designed to view your children's training without interruption. Our locations are in safe areas that offer plenty of parking and easy access. Also, when you enroll as a LEVEL 3 member you automatically qualify to attend martial arts and self defense classes at both locations at no extra charge - more training, more skill, more results!

OUR MARTIAL ART SYSTEM FITS EVERYONE: Third, our Kempo-Karate mixed martial art training system is very well respected in the martial arts community because people of all ages and body types can use its principles effectively even as beginners. Plus, different from other martial arts styles even the more traditional elements of Kempo translate easily for real self defense. Kempo cumulates the principles of Karate, Kung-Fu, and Jiu-Jitsu (scroll down to read more about Kempo-Karate). Our unique curriculum and dynamic training method of private and group instruction combined allows LEVEL 3 students to interact with each other safely and practically to help further your understanding and give you the confidence, belief, and security you and your family deserve.

Our passion for the martial arts and meeting new people inspires our instructing team to teach our best in every class. Your experience is what's important to us, not ours. So expect to be welcomed by new friends and reach a new level of personal performance!

It's our vision to see you rise to your best.

WE ARE A PERFECT FIT BECAUSE WE PERSONALIZE YOUR TRAINING. Whether you're a beginner or advanced martial artist we have a program to fit your needs. Our instructing team has one goal in mind - YOURS. From day one we learn what's important to you so we can personalize your training. Progress at your own rate through both private and group instruction - standard in all of our programs.  

Training with us simple: With the help of an instructor you enroll on the program that suits you best. Then attend consistently. Last, don't quit. We have the best martial arts classes in Moorpark and Thousand Oaks which are our main focus. We don't require long-term contracts, expensive purchases of supplies unrelated to your goals, participation in special events that may not be important to your goals, nor do we require you to join additional special programs just so you can achieve a new belt. You may like our "level-based" commitment options that reward you with reduced tuition while helping you stay committed to achieving your goal!

Private instruction is a key element of our program that separates us from any other martial arts / self defense fitness training program. Private martial arts lessons allow you to progress at a much faster rate, and/or receive additional help in challenged areas. Private instruction is scheduled at your convenience and is already included in all programs at no extra charge (Little Leopards ages 3 & 4 private lessons optional).

Group instruction consists of students close to the same age and ability. With a goal of successful practice and application in mind each group martial arts and self defense class centers around effective martial arts training principles, a variety of skill-building drills, and exercise and stretching routines for maximum health benefits. All of our group classes topics rotate to ensure you never miss an important piece of your studies no matter your schedule.


Kempo-Karate is a respected and well-rounded self defense martial art that is perfect for beginning women, men, or children and also excellent for students with previous experience looking to complete their journey. Kempo-Karate was developed as a singular system and combines the classical health building elements of Kung-Fu, practical strengthening and athleticism of Karate, and the tactical effectiveness of Jiu-Jitsu. Other systems are usually only classical (without practical self defense application) or tactical (no progressive ranking structure or personal development which is necessary for younger students). The importance of our well-rounded curriculum is that it gives our students more than just "fighting" skills. It reveals the athlete in all of us by developing strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and agility.

Kempo-Karate is often thought of as the original mixed martial art. It's principels can be easily recognized in the fighting styles of many Ultimate Fighting Championship title-belt holders like Chuck "The Ice-Man" Liddell, George St. Pierre, Anderson "The Spider" Sylva, and Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida - all great athletes, champions, and martial artists alike.

Kempo-Karate origins date back over one thousand years to the birthplace of martial arts, the Shoalin Temple in the Hunan Province of China.  However, Hawaii is where Kempo-Karate was officially introduced as the comprehensive art form we practice today - our martial arts lineage traces back to Kempo's biggest influencers, Jose Emperado and Walter Godin. Kempo translates as "law of the fist” and is today's most popular stand-up striking martial art style for men, women, teens, and children because of its comprehensive nature and logical solutions to everyday self-defense scenarios. It's easily adapted to any body build and allows you to improve weaker areas while rightfully capitalizing on your strengths. After your first lesson you'll quickly realize your true effectiveness and capability.

We are so confident that your goals can be reached in our program that we invite you to try us free by clicking here!

The Five-Animal Styles of Shaolin Kung-Fu

The traditional side of Kempo-Karate involves what's know as the Shaolin Five-Animal Kung-Fu. This element of our martial art lineage is important because it allows us identify and utilize various types of movement needed for successful self defense application while also helping us develop and strengthen areas of the body that might be otherwise overlooked. We also learn how to apply the mental aspects represented by the animals in daily life which results in stress reduction, proper decision making, assertiveness, and positive attitude. The ultimate goal is to adapt and utilize each animal style needed in a given situation whether it's actual confrontation or simply the challenges of our daily routine.

  • Snake: The Snake's motto is "When opportunity knocks, strike". From the Snake we learn suppleness, rhythmic endurance, and chi (internal energy). Its size and lack of limbs provide a unique fighting style with high energy and quick strikes to the most vulnerable and vital targets of its opponent such as the eyes, throat, and a variety of pressure points. The Snake also teaches us effective wrapping techniques to control our opponent through a collection of chokes, holds, and breaks. The Snake helps us develop strong healthy internal organs and vitality.

  • Dragon: The Dragon's motto is "Adapt and overcome". From the Dragon we learn wisdom, flexibility, and the ultimate fighting spirit. The Dragon is known as one of the most versatile Shaolin fighting styles as it can fight on land, in water, or in the air. The Dragon teaches us how to "ride the wind" through a series of rising and falling, swirling and spinning motions which are both elusive and deceptive to our opponent making our strikes felt, but never seen. Dragon training provides us with well-rounded full body flexibility.

  • Tiger: The Tiger's motto is "Persistence conquers all". From the Tiger we learn to be strong and tenacious with focused power. The Tiger faces adversity with explosive direct attacks supported by deep strong stances combined with ripping and tearing movements. Every Kenpo-Karate practitioner regardless of age, strength, or size will gain benefits from the Tiger's incredibly courageous fighting style and tenacious attitude of never giving up. The Tiger helps us develop a strong back and bones.

  • Leopard: The Leopard's motto is "Hesitate and lose - keep moving". From the Leopard we learn to be fast, cunning and agile with superb timing and reflexes. The Leopard, while much smaller than the Tiger, pound for pound is equally as strong. The movements we learn from the Leopard are so quick, the footwork so nimble, and the strikes so frequent that any opponent will have an extremely difficult time attacking or defending against it during confrontation. The Leopard helps us develop strong tendons and healthy skin.

  • Crane: The Crane's motto is "Never mistake kindness for weakness". From the Crane we learn balance, grace, explosiveness and refined movement. The Crane is quite calm which teaches us superior focus and concentration during even the most challenging circumstances. Because of its size and frailty the Crane also teaches how to use redirection styled techniques to avoid damage, using the power and size of our opponent against them. This is key for successfully defending ourselves against stronger or larger opponents. The Crane is also know for its longevity and loyalty. Crane training helps us develop strong wrists, ankles, fingers, and shoulder joints.