Adult Kempo Test Preparation




Testing FOR LEVEL 2 RANKS OF BLUE - advanced green can last at least 2.5 HOURs.

Testing for brown belt and black belt can be difficult to estimate time so keep your day open.

Please do not ask your instructor how long your test will last, sometimes we don’t know. We do our best to stick to the above time frames. large test attendance can lengthen the process. lack of student performance can also lengthen a test. if we cannot accomplish what’s required then the student(s) will be dismissed and invited to the next test at no additional charge. we do our best to ensure every student succeeds. we find students and parents appreciate our extended effort, a longer test, to ensure a positive successful result rather than the alternative.

The test is about effort and attitude. Students should give their best effort throughout the test with confidence. Mistakes are inevitable. Many people let mistakes distract them and ruin their experience. The test isn't about perfection. It's about the ability to stay focused and move forward with determination when a mistake is made or fatigue sets in. Perseverance and positive attitude will get you to your goal!

Arrive at least 20 minutes early to use the restroom, suit-up, stretch, practice, and get focused. Late-comers will not be allowed to enter once the test begins.

Proper dress etiquette:  Wear a clean and pressed full uniform with a proper colored and placed Level 3 patch along with a Level 3 T-shirt worn beneath the uniform. If your uniform is not up to Level 3 standards you may be required to purchase a new one before testing. Males should wear a groin protector and females should wear a chest protector.  Gi sleeves must be rolled down.  Your Gi pants should not be any longer than to cover the instep of your foot. Hem your pants if needed, rolled Gi pant legs are dangerous and not proper.  No jewelry of any kind may be worn. Students with long hair must wear a pony-tail. As with any class students and uniforms should be well-groomed, healthy, and odorless.

Never refuse an invitation to test.  You've worked hard to earn this opportunity. Prioritize this day and follow through. Testing is a very special earned opportunity not to be taken for granted.  If it conflicts with other activities then cancel your other activities. This shows you value and understand the importance of your achievement and promotes consistency and long-term thinking in your goal to achieve Black Belt or anything else in life.

Eat a healthy high-energy meal.  Increase water intake the week of testing and bring a water bottle with to the test.  You may want to bring an electrolyte-filled beverage like Gatorade or SmartWater for after-test replenishment.  If needed bring any special medications along with instructions for application. The test is rigorous but we try to take water breaks to ensure proper hydration and performance.

Don't forget these important items: Bottle of water, sparring gear, appropriate shoes and sunblock for potential outside training, medicines with applicators needed in case of emergency along with emergency contact information. If you require another person to administer medicine then they must be present throughout the entire test.

Never discuss testing with other students.  Your experience will always be unique.  Testing is not a spectator event.  Full concentration and focus are required and can only be maintained when spectators are not present.  Spectators can be present for the final portion of the test which of course includes the promotion ceremony.

Your test fee will be charged automatically to your card on file either the week preceding test day or test day. Your test fee covers the certificate, belt, and the time of the testing procedure.

If you're unable to complete your test you will be eligible to attend the next test at no additional charge, assuming the required skills and performance has not regressed. It is possible to fail a test. But instead of seeing that as negativelearn from it, make adjustments, continue moving forward, and try again.

We encourage photos in the Dojo with your new belt, family and friends once the test is complete. We usually post pictures and / or video clips at our LEVEL 3 FACEBOOK for you to share this wonderful achievement with your family and friends.

This day only individual supplies are available at a 10% discount. Patches are always a great reward in addition to your new rank especially if you feel a patch my represent what it took to conquer the test!

The week following the test we encourage our students to bring a buddy to participate in classes for free so they can learn more about our martial arts program and start achieving their goals!

You’ll never fail unless you quit trying. The 3 secrets to achieving Black Belt: 1) come to class, 2) practice, 3) don’t quit.

You’ll never fail unless you quit trying. The 3 secrets to achieving Black Belt: 1) come to class, 2) practice, 3) don’t quit.