Next LEVEL Women

Self Defense Fitness Training for Adult and teen Women ready to empower each other

Ages 15+


LEVEL 3 Martial Arts Performance offers a quick, safe, and effective women's self defense training course that will develop the core physical and mental skill sets you'll need to protect yourself. A feeling of empowerment, self-reliance, and security only comes from training yourself to think and perform on a new level. Our exclusive I.M.S.A.F.E. program will help you easily learn and remember valuable self defense skills you can rely on. The training course includes:

  1. Ten 30-minute private lessons, each of which builds upon the class before to ensure you get a solid foundation of skills as well as the needed repetition to use them instinctively.

  2. LEVEL 3 Martial Arts Performance T-shirt.

  3. Free L3MAP membership registration for any ongoing program when you choose to continue your training.

  4. Discounted additional refresher courses.

  5. Three free guest passes for your friends, family, or coworkers.

DISCOVER THE POWER OF YOU. Often we become victims of circumstance without realizing by making subtle but frequent unhealthy choices of where or with whom we socialize or what we eat. Before we know it we've gotten in deep, our condition has worsened, and we feel intimidated and powerless over improving our situation. WE EMPOWER YOU TO TAKE CONTROL by increasing knowledge, awareness, confidence and self-esteem so you always remember your true value. We realize trying something new can be intimidating so bring a friend and help each other rise to a new level or personal performance.