Gyogi Test Preparation


Welcome to Gyogi Skills!

Gyogi means well-behaved / good sport! Gyogi skills is an amazing age-specific karate-influenced program that focuses on physical, social, and behavioral skill development. Our program introduces your child to their first martial arts experience in the most positive, fun, and encouraging way possible!


Congratulations on your achievement - your Gyogi Martial Skills are increasing!

Test duration is approximately 1.5 hours. Parents should stay through the entire test because you're participation will be requested during one of the skill stripe reviews. While you sit in the lobby please keep conversations as quiet as possible to help maximize the focus and effort of our students. If we aren’t able to accomplish what we need in that amount of time due to lack of student performance then the student(s) will dismissed and invited to the next test at no additional charge.

Arrive at least 15 minutes early to use the restroom, suit up, stretch, practice, and get focused. The test begins promptly on time and late-comers will not be allowed into the test once it begins.

Dress etiquette: Full clean and odorless uniform with properly colored logo patch affixed, belt, and L3 shirt are required for testing. It is unacceptable for a student's uniform to be stained, torn, or improperly fitted. A new uniform will be required before testing if yours is not up to Level 3 standards.

Important items to bring: Water bottle, medicine, or any medical device needed in case of emergency (i.e. inhaler). If a child requires administration of said items then parents must be present at all times.

Parents may sit in the Dojo during the rank promotion ceremony. We encourage photos in the Dojo during the rank promotion ceremony and immediately following the dismissal of the test with your new belt, family and friends. Often we post pictures and / or video clips at our LEVEL 3 FACEBOOK for you to share this wonderful achievement with others. Please send us any photos you take or tag us in your photos posted on Facebook so we can share them on our studio's page.

Celebrate your child's accomplishment by bringing flowers, balloons, or anything else with which you wish to reward them.

This day only individual supplies are available at a 10% discount. Patches are always a great reward in addition to your new rank, especially if you feel a patch my represent what it took to conquer the test!

Your test fee will be charged automatically to your card on file the day of your test. Your test fee covers the certificate, belt, and the time of the testing procedure. If you are unable to complete your test for any reason a new test will be scheduled at no additional charge.

The week following the test is Parent / Buddy / Game week. During this week we encourage all parents and buddies of our students to get involved during classes. This week is a time for students to enjoy different challenges, games, and activities usually not present during their skill stripe curriculum and is the best time to bring a friend so they can learn more about our martial arts community!

Develop the habits of focus and achievement early and it becomes part of them forever.

Develop the habits of focus and achievement early and it becomes part of them forever.