Program terms and policies

*(LLpe) Little Leopard program excluded. Term/policy does not apply to students in LL program.

If there are billing information changes (i.e. address, account number, assignee) notify us immediately to ensure your program remains uninterrupted.

Student / Responsible Party understand and agree that each Level 3 Martial Arts Performance (L3MAP) location is independently owned and operated doing business as Level 3 Martial Arts Performance. Student Tuition Agreements (STA) may be assigned and transferred to another L3MAP studio with advanced 30-day written approval from assigning studio. STAs are also assignable to any billing / collection entity after execution. Student / Responsible Party understands and agrees that discounted tuition rates are incentive based honored through this agreement.

*(LLpe) There are no holds or freezes on any programs.  If you will be absent from classes longer than four weeks, you can: 1) continue paying your tuition as normal and make-up lessons will be provided upon your return for all private lessons missed, 2) pay fifty-percent of your tuition rate for the time you’re not attending to reserve your current tuition rate and lesson time then pay the remaining balance for the coinciding amount of months you resume training – maximum 60-day period allowed. Your same promotional rate may not be available upon re-enrollment, 3) cancel your program using the proper cancellation method in addition to paying your final tuition payment and for some programs all retroactive tuition and enrollment discounts received to date. All options require a 30-day advanced written notification submitted in person to the studio manager.

Upon completion of initial term this agreement will renew with the same terms unless responsible party chooses to convert to a month-to-month billing option. Month-to-month rates may be higher. This agreement may be cancelled by completing a L3MAP 30-Day Cancellation Notification Agreement (see your studio manager for a copy of the form) in person at this L3MAP location along with final payment sufficiently covering all discounts received to date. Cancellation will be authorized only after satisfying both requirements. Notifications to cancel received via email, social media, verbally, or anything else outside of the above-mentioned form are not considered official cancellation notices and your program will resume billing as normal.

*(LLpe) Prepayment discounts may be available and are subject to the same terms and conditions. No refunds - studio credit only.  Prepaid programs and private lesson blocks are non-transferable. You may “gift” your lessons at their remaining prorated value to another person upon approval of your studio manager, however the recipient of said lessons may be required to pay a new student enrollment fee. Outstanding lessons are forfeited upon cancellation of your program. Pertaining to Monthly Private Lesson program training, your private lesson must be used during the according calendar month otherwise it is forfeited - it may not be scheduled outside of the current calendar month.

Student / Responsible Party understands and agrees that tuition payments are due in full on or before the scheduled due date or there will be a $15.00 late fee for any payment received seven (7) days past the scheduled due date. There is a $25.00 service charge for returned checks and ACH transactions. 

Student / Responsible Party understands and agrees the studio will provide martial arts training based on a lesson schedule established by the studio. Group lessons are anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes in duration (subject to age group). Private lessons are approximately 15 - 30 minutes (subject to age group) in duration and consist of one to four (1 - 4) students. 24-hour advanced notice of lesson cancellation is required (it's also shows excellent consideration and respect for your fellow students' and instructors' time) to receive a make-up private lesson. Outstanding make-up lessons expire after 30 days and are forfeited upon cancellation of this agreement. Make-up private lessons may not be rescheduled / made-up. Tuition payments are not affected by the lesson schedule or attendance. Failure or inability to complete the lessons does not relieve the obligations defined in this STA.

Classes may be rescheduled or reorganized at the discretion of the studio manager due to studio, company, or community events such as rank testing, promotional events, specialty training, or L3MAP staff training and team-building events, as well as holidays or other special unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as illness or local emergency. Holiday closures include but are not limited to Independence Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. These factors are already considered in your student tuition program. Some L3MAP locations will break for two one-week periods throughout the year, roughly six months apart. If there is an unforeseen closure longer than one consecutive calendar week an attempt will be made to reconcile the appropriate credited amount to your account based off your chosen student program. Your instructing team will always do their best to notify you of any schedule changes as far ahead as possible through signs posted in the studio, social media announcements, email messages, phone calls, in-class announcements, and/or other means. Please check our website calendar regularly for updates.

Student / Responsible Party understands and agrees that all supplies and safety equipment must be purchased through the studio to ensure it meets the requirements / standards / needs of the L3MAP program unless approval otherwise has been granted by the appropriate L3MAP representative.

We reserve the right to dismiss any students for actions or behavior that we feel do not contribute positively to the overall Level 3 Martial Arts Performance program.

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