You've arrived at the right place! LEVEL 3 Martial Arts Performance offers the best martial arts and self defense fitness classes in Moorpark and Thousand Oaks for men, women, teens, and children. Our unique approach to martial arts fitness training combines the ancient traditions of a time-proven skill with the modern day champion mindset you'd expect from high performance athletes. We define "champion" as an attitude, a behavior, a thought process - not just a person with a title or trophy. Our goal is to develop "every-day champions" who know that the only real competitor they're up against is them self. That's why our classes help equip you with a high-standard of skills you need to adapt and overcome life's challenges. Our instructors encourage each other to always maintain high standards in their own choices and training so we can rise up together. Our Kempo-Karate style combines Karate, Kung-Fu, and Jiu-Jitsu which makes for an extremely well-rounded and effective self-defense method. From your first class you'll notice our program is fun, challenging and safe, and our clean and friendly studio environments are populated with a like-minded team that looks forward to welcoming you. Get started today and rise to a new level of personal performance.

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