Got Qs?

Q: How much are classes and do you offer family discounts?

Q: How often should I train?

Q: Will I get injured?


Q: Is Kempo an effective self defense?

Q: Is it for adults too?




Q: Do you require long-term contracts?

A: Our rates are competitive with any other martial arts program and actually provide more value and training per dollar.  We have several programs to choose from based upon your interests, we offer family, law enforcement, military, and other discounts, and private training is standard in any plan you choose. We even reward referrals of new students, allowing you to earn credit towards tuition, supplies, or special events! Our program is transparent with no nickel-and-diming, we don't require long-term contracts, and we don't hold back "the good stuff" just to make you pay more.


A: Everyone's schedule and goals are different. So your training program should be personalized to fit your needs.  However, the more often you train the more likely you are to achieve your goals! We find most students get incredible results from spending on average 2.5 hours per week with our instructing team.

A: Our martial arts fitness program emphasizes respect, physical and mental self control, and you are supervised by a certified instructor every time you practice. With any activity there is always a possibility of injury. But that doesn't mean injuries are common. Actually in martial arts there are less injuries than in conventional sports like baseball or football. Our top priority is your safety and longevity which is why our training routines are designed specifically with your level of experience in mind.

A: The short answer is YES! Because of its ability to allow smaller weaker people to utilize natural principles of movement it is known for it’s effectiveness and versatility. However, your consistent attendance, focus, effort, and practice-time will determine your skill and ability. Our martial art is well-respected for a reason: It’s practical and we train you to understand how to protect yourself in most every scenario you'd likely encounter on the street. Like most martial art styles, Kempo works if you work it and won’t if you don’t.

A: Of course it is! Adults often need our program more than children but can be too self conscious to get involved. It's more important than ever for adults to maintain good physical health, relieve stress, keep a positive attitude, and to be able to protect our loved ones when that unforeseen situation arises. We must be great examples to each other and to our youth every day in our community - martial arts helps! Don't worry about what you might look like while training or if you're "good enough". It's our job to help you have vision for what you can achieve, and then get you there one class at a time.


A: We do not require long-term contracts. We believe our classes are good enough to keep you connected so you’ll continue to reach your goals. Like with anything their will be times of doubt and life will get busy. Sometimes having a student locked into a commitment without the option to exit might be the only thing that helps them see through those challenges. But isn't the point for you to gain the discipline needed to rise above those challenges instead of quitting? That’s the kind of behavior that is rewarded by achieving your goals. That being said, we do offer optional level-based commitments that come with discounted rates and other benefits. Be rewarded for your commitment instead of getting trapped because you don’t know better.

The only way to know is to experience, and the right now the best way to experience us is through our special website offer.