Adult Martial Arts - Self Defense Classes


Martial Arts training is a time-proven method of self-improvement for people of all ages and backgrounds. Our Kempo-Karate Jiu-Jitsu system develops the mind, body, and spirit. It’s easy to identify the “body” aspects of training - the physical movements and exercises like self-defense skills, balance, coordination, strength, agility, and flexibility training.  But there's more below the surface. The “mind” aspect of Martial Arts teaches focus, attention, concentration, and recognition - skills important for mastering your daily routine and for gaining the mental edge needed by those in positions of great responsibility and high-stress. The “spirit” of Martial Arts instills self-esteem, belief, empowerment, confidence, and discipline - traits common in leaders who display independence and consistently make good decisions that support a happy lifestyle. Even though it takes time to see the physical results of your effort, you'll definitely feel them from the start.

In our level-1 adult martial arts program you'll join like-minded men and women and start improving your balance, coordination, stability, strength, stamina, overall energy, and of course practical self-defense skills. After successfully completing your martial arts foundation you'll begin level-2 training which deepens your knowledge and skills by equipping you with more techniques and refining the body mechanics responsible for speed, power, explosiveness, precision, and accuracy. Then comes level-3 - Black Belt! This stage of training offers our students an entirely new experience that calls upon the skills you've already gained while challenging you to reach new heights in your mental and physical performance.

We offer the the most well-rounded martial arts fitness experience for adults, hands down. No matter your experience level, schedule, or interests, our instructors can personalize your program and help you rise to a new level of personal performance.

We are so confident we have the best adult martial arts and self defense fitness classes in Moorpark and Thousand Oaks that we're offering a free private lesson to try us out today, just click below!

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