Champion Children

Ages 7 - 10

LEVEL 3 Martial Arts Performance offers children seven to ten years old the best martial arts and self defense skill-based classes in Moorpark and Thousand Oaks. Our age-specific program ensures that your child receives instruction unique to their level of understanding so they can achieve measurable results and think and behave like a champion. We believe champion is an attitude and behavior, not a trophy. With your support our program can help your child become a champion in their own right. Children will develop mental skill sets unique to the martial arts. Our class structure will ask for your child’s best use of focus and concentration which will improve their overall academic performance and attention to detail. They'll also be challenged in each class physically by our coordination and balance drills that’ll give them a head start over other children when participating in sports or activities. LEVEL 3 Champion Children will also learn the practical and functional self-defense skills of our Kempo-Karate and Jiu-Jitsu techniques that address the most common and concerning situations that arise for this age group.

Our children’s self-defense curriculum includes our Threat Recognition-Avoidance-Protection (T.R.A.P.) training that helps equip your child with the courage and skills needed to stand up to a bully or anyone else that forces them into an undesired situation. The steps are simple but must be practiced:

  • Threat-Recognition: learn to identify potentially dangerous situations and people

  • Avoidance: understand the mental and physical steps to take to avoid the threat

  • Protection: learn and apply simple and effective self defense strategies to arrive at safety

Our program is high-energy and full of opportunities to grow and achieve! Your child will gain and improve many skills while achieving stripes and belts. More importantly, they'll safely learn how to conquer challenges and reach new levels of personal performance. We're excited to welcome you to our studio!

*Limited memberships available: subject to class size and individual readiness. If we aren’t currently accepting new students we’ll still be happy to evaluate your child, and if ready, add them to our “Future Student” reservation list.

Seven to nine-year olds are a unique and capable age group. They're able to express themselves and capable of problem solving, yet they still seek guidance and instruction from adults - this creates a strong teacher-student connection. However, although they are highly intelligent, they generally don't have the same physical capabilities as the next level Juniors age group. Our solution is to provide a program that targets their unique stage of development with consideration of their youthful and adventurous attitude while helping them develop skills that carry them into the next level of martial arts training and life.

Children focus on eight skill sets: Self-defense, Technique, Explosiveness, Fitness, Power, Character, Concentration, and Coordination. They are also taught the etiquette necessary to ensure respect and proper decision making when it comes to knowing when its time to use those skills. Each skill appears through a rotating curriculum to ensure the necessary repetition but it's disguised in a variety of drills to keep it challenging and fun. We also encourage and support healthy nutrition habits through our nutrition tracking table as well as work closely with parents on proper academic behavior to help our students perform at their best in school. Listed below is an overview of the stages of development for seven, eight, and nine-year-olds.

Physically - their fine motor skills aren't very refined yet, so proficient technique is not quite there. Also, they still tend to stumble when in motion, therefore advanced movement is still a little sloppy. Expect them to initially struggle with good technique in their blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances. Also expect them to initially look sloppy when jumping, spinning, or switching feet. Our program gets them to perform technical blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances while applying power, and to get them to apply speed to motion without looking sloppy.

Intellectually- they are extremely bright but have a hard time concentrating during distractions. Expect them to initially lose focus if there are more "interesting" things going on around them. Also, expect them to forget simple commands because they try to "over-think." The goal for our program is to get them to concentrate on the task at hand despite distractions and to get them to retain simple information without over thinking - fast action is what we want.

Emotionally- this group loves a good challenge. However, they may hesitate or show fear when over-thinking something. Expect them to have emotional stability for the most part on normal days but to also show nervousness or fear when put on the spot. Our program aims to help them persevere through challenges, especially when they initially feel like giving up. 

Socially- they love to interact with others, especially adults. However, they don't like when something is unfair and will be determined to point it out and be heard. Often they may interrupt you when they think something is wrong and will show determination in trying to get their point across. Our programs focus is to help them know how to address problems and challenges properly without interfering on the overall class flow.

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