Tiny Tigers

Ages 5 & 6

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Welcome to Gyogi Skills!

Gyogi means well-behaved / good sport. Gyogi Skills is an amazing age-specific karate-influenced program that focuses on physical, social, and behavioral skill development while helping foster a healthy self image. Your child will learn valuable skills that help ensure a successful transition into our more traditional martial arts program and other sports as their interests expand and they grow older. Our program introduces your child to their first martial arts experience in the most positive, fun, and encouraging way possible - classes are inspiring, educational, and safe!

Tiny Tigers Gyogi Skills

*Limited memberships available: subject to class size and individual readiness.

LEVEL 3 Martial Arts performance offers the best karate classes for 5 & 6 year-olds. Our goal is to give them a safe and positive martial arts experience. The Dads and Moms of Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, and all Conejo Valley can attest to the level of fun and productivity in our Tiny Tiger Gyogi Skills classes - they're always the best critics! Like the age group before this, because of the popularity and permitted available spaces in this class we don't always have enrollment opportunities so please contact us using the button below or call to learn if we are currently holding new-student evaluations.

For this age group we focus on social, behavioral, and physical development through the foundational elements of Kempo Karate and Jiu-Jitsu. Five and six-year olds are the most enthusiastic students. They love creativity and problem solving which makes them ideal Martial Artists. The problem is they are so progressive in following tasks that some teachers tend to mistake their capabilities for those of an older age group, but they still don't have the basic skills necessary to keep up with older children. Our solution is to provide them with their own program that targets their stage of development in a manner that adapts to their social and intellectual level while at the same time building skills that set them up for the next age group. There are three main keys to our success:

  1. We disguise the repetition of our rotating class curriculum so these karate kids feel a strong entertainment value while still being able to follow directions helping them gain awareness, focus, and discipline.

  2. Our instructors attend weekly ongoing training to refine communication skills as well as their physical skills so that your child learns to connect with authority in an encouraging and positive manner.

  3. Our Tiny Tigers class is limited in size to ensure a productive, safe, and happy experience. It's very rare that a Tiny Tiger drops out of our program. Spaces usually become available when they graduate to the next level - Children's Sukiru Skills. We do have a "Future Student" list to which we can add your child's name so when a spot opens up you'll be notified. We’re always happy to schedule a free evaluation for your family when you’re ready so together we can decide if moving forward in our program is the best thing for your child, just click below!

Tiny Tigers focus on eight skill sets: focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness, and coordination.  Each skill rotates through our schedule consistently to ensure the necessary repetition but disguised in a variety of drills to keep it challenging and fun. Listed below is an overview for the stages of development of children ages 5 and 6:

Physically- they do not know how to apply their muscles so they fall often when their body is in motion. Also, they have a basic foundation for leg, arm, core, and abdominal development, but they still lack core strength. Expect them to initially struggle with multiple kicks and to have sloppy exercises. Our program’s goal is to get them to perform high repetitions of kicks without putting their foot down and to also be able to perform static, active, and dynamic exercises for beyond ten reps.

Intellectually- they have a hard time retaining beyond three commands and accomplishing those tasks in order. Expect them to have a hard time distinguishing between their left and right when given specific instruction. Our program’s goal is to get them to retain three or more commands at once and to also help them learn how to perform various left and right combinations.

Emotionally- they focus on things that make them happy. Expect them to initially lose focus and shut down when they are not happy, to hold back when they are not "into it", or get too rough when they are over-excited. Our program aims to help them focus when it's hard to do so and to help them control their body and power when they are excited.

Socially- they love to play with others but are very competitive. They also have a strong sense of loyalty to their heroes. Expect them to initially test their sportsmanship when they participate in a competition and to want as much of our attention as possible because we are often viewed as their “hero.” In our program we aim to help them build good teamwork such as no cheating, not getting angry when they lose, and not bragging when they win. We also aim to help them learn how to embrace discipline since they are striving to make their “hero” proud.

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