Little Leopards

Ages 3 & 4

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Welcome to Gyogi Skills!

Gyogi means well-behaved / good sport. Gyogi Skills is an amazing age-specific karate-influenced program that focuses on physical, social, and behavioral skill development while helping foster a healthy self image. Your child will learn valuable skills that help ensure a successful transition into our more traditional martial arts program and other sports as their interests expand and they grow older. Our program introduces your child to their first martial arts experience in the most positive, fun, and encouraging way possible - classes are inspiring, educational, and safe!

Little Leopards Gyogi Skills

*Limited memberships available: enrollment eligibility subject to class size and individual readiness.

LEVEL 3 Martial Arts performance offers the best pre-school aged karate classes. Our goal is to give 3 & 4 year-olds with a safe and positive first-time beginner karate class experience. The Dads and Moms of Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, and all Conejo Valley can attest to the level of fun and productivity in our Little Leopard Gyogi Skills classes - they're always the best critics! Between the popularity and spaces available in this class we don't always have enrollment opportunities so please contact us using the button below or by calling to find out if we are currently holding new-student evaluations.

For this age group we focus on developing social, behavioral, and physical skills through the most beginning elements of Kempo Karate and Jiu-Jitsu. Three and four year olds love physical activity and anything involving play. They have a rich imagination and strong desire for independence. Our program is structured in a way that allows them to express their creativity and independence but in a manner that falls in line with the skills they need. There are three keys to our success with this age group:

  1. We disguise the repetition of our rotating class curriculum so these karate kids feel a strong entertainment value while still being able to follow directions helping them gain awareness, focus, and discipline.

  2. Our instructors attend weekly ongoing training to refine communication skills as well as their physical skills so that your child learns to connect with authority in an encouraging and positive manner.

  3. Our Little Leopards class is extremely limited in size to ensure a productive, happy, and safe experience for your family. It's very rare that a student in this program drops out. Spaces usually become available when they graduate to the next level - Tiny Tigers. We do have a "Future Student" list to which we can add your child's name so when a spot opens up you'll be notified. However, it might be encouraging to know that it's okay to allow your child to mature and develop at this age group before rushing into any kind of program - patience pays off! We’re always happy to schedule a free evaluation lesson so we can honestly assess where your Little Leopard resides on the scale of readiness, just click below!

Little Leopards focus on eight skill sets: punching, kicking, blocking, running, rolling, hopping, catching and crawling.  Each skill appears on a regular basis throughout our class calendar to ensure the necessary repetition, but disguised in a variety of drills to keep it challenging and fun. Listed below is an overview for the stages of development of children ages 3 and 4:

Physically- they have low tone and poor hand-eye-coordination.  Expect them initially to drop their arms when punching and fall when kicking or jumping. Also expect them to have no concept of spatial awareness, therefore they will drop things that are thrown and bump into people and obstacles often.  Our program’s goal is to get them to punch without dropping their arms; kick without falling; jump without falling; and catch objects thrown from various directions and distances.

Intellectually- they have a limited vocabulary therefore learning is limited to visual and kinesthetic activities. Expect them to initially lose focus when activities are over-complicated. Also expect them to struggle with commands that have more than two instructions.  Our program’s goal is to get them to follow verbal commands with no visual demonstration. Also, the goal is for them to remember rules and commands without being reminded.

Emotionally- they have strong preferences and fears therefore they will act out of bounds when their emotions get out of control. Expect them to "shut down" and become more reserved when they have anxiety. Also expect them to shut down when something either scares them or doesn't go their way. Our program’s goal is to help them follow directions and persevere through an activity even if they are initially emotional.   

Socially- they are very self-centered. Also, due to their limited vocabulary their common form of communication is mainly physical. Expect them to mock each other, such as falling when their classmate falls. Also expect them to hit or bite when they are angry. Our program’s goal is to help them build good social skills such as spatial awareness, not interrupting when others are talking, and taking turns properly.

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