I'm rich and you're not!

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I have a treasure full of gold, gems, and money sitting in the middle of our studio and I am giving it away to anyone who wants it.

Today there's more gun violence than ever, more sickness than ever, less happiness than ever, less security than ever, more anger, frustration, depression, bullying, indecisiveness, self-doubt, cowardliness, hate, etc. Seriously, scroll through your feed for a few minutes and tell me you don't feel like you need to go live on a deserted island somewhere. This is why what I do, to me, is so important. Our studio doesn't look a LuLu Lemon advertisement, nor does it have cool brick walls with a roll-up garage style door, nor is the air filled with incense lit by a yogi who preaches natural simplicity and love in their $300.00 yoga outfit along side their independently wealthy friends. Because of this some might not find it trendy enough to ever try, robbing them of the chance to ever realize our program's true value. However, what we should all make a trend of is combatting the negativity that can so easily enter our lives by being part of an environment that is clean, friendly, encouraging, beautiful, functional and simple like our Dojo.

Those who join us they get the rewards. But those who stay for years and make this part of their lifestyle truly get the treasure hidden in plain sight.