There are 3 levels of performance...

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There are 3 levels of performance - the 1st, the next, and then yours.

The Level 3 Martial Arts Performance name symbolizes the three core stages all students strive to complete along their personal martial arts fitness journey - beginner, intermediate, advanced. The entire concept behind Level 3 Martial Arts Performance is to help you rise to your personal level 3 status in life's areas most important to you like:

  • Health and fitness
  • Mental acuity
  • Awareness and confidence
  • Self Defense capability
  • Academic performance
  • Stress relief and a positive social activity

For years students have heard us refer to the stages of achievement in their training as Level 1, 2, & 3. Level 3 represents Black Belt. Traditionally the 3 levels of a martial arts progression are Student, Disciple, and Master. These stages can be applied to anything we pursue outside of the Dojo. We want the name to be a constant reminder that our goal is to help everyone arrive at their BLACK BELT/MASTER status, whether it's an actual Black Belt around their waist or achieving the highest level of performance in any other context of life, including the above bullet-points. We hope the Level 3 Martial Arts Performance name reminds you to keep achieving, growing, and finding fulfillment in all you do - NOW GET IN THE DOJO AND LEVEL UP!