Do NOT ever "reward" your child with Martial Arts training.

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To save you time and keep it simple here's the point of today's post: Martial arts training should never be held over your child's head as leverage to "incentivize" them to perform better at home or anywhere else - NEVER THREATEN TO "TAKE IT AWAY"!

Martial Arts training is designed to help adults and children perform at their best in all areas of life. When your child is having behavioral issues (which most will at least once or twice in their adolescent years) do not threaten to take away their Martial Arts training - the one thing that is all about structure, effort, respect, focus, attention, control, discipline, etc. If your child decides to "call your bluff" and you actually feel forced to follow through with pulling them from our program just to display some kind of parental authority then you will lose a hugely impactful and valuable resource of help and support as a parent.

On one hand I guess we're flattered you think this is a reward - we must make it look fun all the time and your child must love what we do here - that's awesome!  But buried deep beneath that encouraging fun layer visible to the eye is so much more you can't see, but rather can only feel through experience. So let us help by personalizing relative time-proven martial arts philosophies and concepts to your child that are directly related to the challenges your family is currently experiencing.

So parents, until you are in here experiencing this for yourself and truly understand the life-shaping concepts of what happens here, please please please do not cheapen our program to the likes of a toy or a favorite video game. Simply meet with us and we will help you create a plan that can be monitored and followed through with at home so that your child has the best chance to develop into the champion karate-mindset we aim to instill daily in every student.

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