Knowing Vs. Understanding

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When we know something our brain is able to think using logic about pros and cons, possible outcomes, how something works or functions, risk and reward factors, etc. But just because we think about all those things doesn't mean we're close to being correct about any of it or that we'll ever actually figure it all out. Why not? Because we've never experienced the thing. Understanding comes only from experience and getting involved in the concept through action. Whether the action is homework, ice-skating, or cooking, true understanding cannot be attained without action. Then why do we not just DO SOMETHING if that's the way? Maybe it's fear, low self-concept, discouragement by others intentionally or accidentally, fear of the unknown, dislike of making mistakes, being uncomfortable in new situations, or the negative "What ifs" that enter our mind and trick us even more. But we encourage you to think about this..."WHAT IF YOU ENJOY THE THING AND YOU'RE AWESOME AT IT?"

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

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